The Revolution Will Be Funded: Large-Scale Landscape Finance


Moderator: Holly Dublin, ReGen18 Co-convenor
Adam Davis, Managing Partner,Ecosystem Partners
Kate Levin, VP Marketing,Ecosphere+
Florent Kaiser, Independent Consultant

To regenerate large-scale ecosystems will require a massive shift in capital resources. How can we unblock the log-jams that keep billions of dollars from flowing into regenerative projects and strategies that could literally impact the fate of the Earth? How can finance capital become a valuable nutrient rather than a tool of extraction? Join us at the innovative edge of transformative financing with players who are helping institutional investors recognize restoration as an investable asset class. We’ll unpack the challenge of delivering fair returns on regenerative investments, and explore purpose-driven businesses that join communities, companies, and the public sector to restore and regenerate landscapes.


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March 20, 2018