Rewilding Cities

Peter Brastow, San Francisco Department of the Environment
Benjamin Fahrer, Top Leaf Farms
Moderator: Gil Friend, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Palo Alto

Imagine cities as places where wild nature thrives. Where rich, biodiverse, and interconnected ecosystems infuse buildings, blocks, streets, and rooftops, creating habitat for not only humans, but for countless other species. This lively panel will explore how cities can become increasingly ‘biophilic’, a concept that underpins humanity’s innate connection to nature and living systems. Peter Brastow will introduce San Francisco’s biodiversity vision and role within the global Biophilic Cities network, while Benjamin Fahrer will share his inspiring Top Leaf Farms project that is incorporating biodiverse habitats within a community rooftop farming project in Berkeley.


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March 20, 2018