Agro-Ecology: Chestnuts & Chickens & Trees & Crops, Oh, My!

Moderator: Joel Solomon, Chair, Renewal Funds
Shaun Paul, CEO,Ejido Verde
Gero Leson, VP, Dr. Bronner’s
Reginaldo Hasslet-Marroquin, COO, Main Street Project
Alex McIntosh, CEO,Thrive Natural Care
Harry Greene, Co-Founder, Propagate Ventures

Some modern farmers have started looking to the most ancient method of agriculture —growing trees and crops together—for natural regeneration. Still practiced by hundreds of millions of “peasant farmers” worldwide, agro-ecology underlies 12 of the top 30 climate solutions in Project Drawdown. Moreover, multi-species cultivation— holistic integration of tree crops into livestock and/or row-crop systems—yields on average 40% more profit. What are the barriers to managing our farmland in a biodiverse way that can nourish people, planet, and productivity? What are the best tactics for converting from conventional to regenerative practices? Could a widespread transition to agroecology be the key to restoring the Earth?


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March 20, 2018