Magic in the Soil: Game-Changing Innovation for Carbon Drawdown

Moderator: Tim LaSalle, Regenerative Agriculture Initiative; ex-CEO, Rodale Institute
Hunter Lovins, President, Natural Capital Solutions
Jesse Smith, Farmland Program Lead, Kiss the Ground
Jeff Creque, Director, Carbon Cycle Institute
Larry Kopald, President, The Carbon Underground (via Zoom)

The more climate scientists dig their hands in the dirt, the more they discover nature’s wizardry. The question is on the table: Could regenerative agriculture and agroforestry absorb enough CO2  into “soil organic matter” to begin to reverse climate change? We’ll learn about a composting method that increases soil carbon storage up to 10x (a potential game-changer), and how managing livestock to restore carbon-rich grasslands became a (sometimes controversial)  “drawdown” rockstar. We’ll hear about how both corporations and consumers can become big players in a carbon sequestration game that’s win-win for people and planet.


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March 20, 2018