Changing the World from the Ground Up

Moderator: Marc Barasch, ReGen18 Co-Convener; Founder, Green World Campaign
Hunter Lovins, President,Natural Capitalism Solutions
Gregory Landua, CEO, Terra Genesis International
Reginaldo Hasslet-Marroquin, COO, Main Street Project

Food and agriculture define our relationship to the natural world. But today that relationship needs a radical reset—from one that degrades soil, climate, community, biodiversity and health to one that supports planetary wellbeing. This disruptive but optimistic talk will explore how a multi-trillion global industry might be transformed to promote both widespread abundance and a thriving life-web. Remember: everyone eats. We will show how the path to a Regenerative Society starts with the ground beneath our feet, and the food that’s on our table.


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March 20, 2018