I am in the midst of a collision of stories of creating new, patient capital vehicles for two non timber forest products projects I am involved with. That’s why I am so glad I found the Oasiis  platform for earned income that creates biodiversity and regeneration. 

The stories are gnarly and complex. In the story that is just across the river from our farm, I am working with a college trying to build a business out of a clearly better biomedical product developed by its forestry department that, unlike the competition, are verifiably good for both the planet and your body. Wild harvest, demand on the coast and web marketing are depleting our natural biomedicinals in southern Appalachia.

The other nfp project is similarly complex and many dimensioned; multiple stake holders from industrialists to indigenous communities, the government and kids who might buy savings bonds to provide that patient capital. All kind of head bending stuff of the kind that I am best at weaving together, and figuring out the multiple stake holders in both stories. Wandering around, figuring things out, making things happen. Then handing it off.

That’s why finding the Oasiis platform was so important. I want to see how other people are solving the problem of patient capital that can wait for a return until harvest, sometimes in five years and sometimes in 10, like the project in Mexico. 

An online community learning platform for earned income in local economic bioregions with biodiversity as a goal has to have a “sub/redit” for creation patient capital vehicles to sell to a variety of audiences. And we need to be in mutual discovery of what works for community and youth engagement and what works for boomers concerned about their legacy, and what works for millennial heiresses, some of the time. Etc.

So I am going to be blogging about and on Oasiis and hope to be part of an innovative finance for patient capital peer learning community.  Patient capital that works where you are, or you are trying it, but replicable with adaptation and listening where I am working maybe.  I want to write about innovative finance for regenerative non timber forest products, or tourism, and experiment with new products and share what we learn, what works, what doesn’t, how we adapt to make it work.