Starting on May 1st, hundreds of people will gather in San Francisco for the first annual Regenerative Economies (ReGen) Conference to help bring about a rapid shift from a degenerative economy to one that supports the mutual thriving of people and planet.

Here are five reasons why ReGen18 is the right event for this challenge and why now is the right time for this event:

1. Impact and sustainability are not enough.

Over the past decades, companies, institutions, and individuals have increasingly focused on impact and sustainability. This represents an important shift in mindset, but inequality is still on the rise and the negative consequences of extractive economies continue to harm people and planet. This is why we must go beyond impact and sustainability to regeneration. At ReGen18 we will explore some of the most exciting new approaches to leaving the world better than we found it, including regenerative urbanism; networks of networks; food, agriculture, and soil; and innovative finance.

2. We need to understand how to finance regenerative innovations.

ReGen18 focuses not simply on regenerative policies but regenerative economics. Through the innovative finance track, leaders will come together to share insights and discuss how to de-risk financing structures and scale regenerative practices.

3. ReGen18 will bring the right voices to the table.

Regenerative investors, companies, and thought-leaders have been working in silos to develop and grow this field. ReGen18 will bring these leaders together across sectors. Join these leaders and pioneers in the space to learn, connect, and build together.

4. We need to move beyond discussion to action.

The cross-section of leaders at the conference will create space for functional alliances and partnerships. Investors will connect with regenerative companies. Novel ideas in urban policy will influence actors within the food and agriculture sectors. Action-driven sessions will focus on the creation of a purpose-driven community that will continue to grow, connect, and influence year after year.

5. This is not a typical conference.

ReGen18 is an interactive, engaging design session with world class facilitators. We will be using Open Space Technology to determine what topics are of greatest interest and relevance to the community, so that attendees can quickly form working groups to carry through the conference and beyond.

Join us.

Tickets are selling quickly for ReGen18. Click here to reserve your spot now before the Early Bird ticket price expires on March 30th. The final discounted ticket period ends April 20th!