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Short Notes:

Forbes: A New Push for Employee Ownership in Chicago
The Bakersfield Californian: Agriculture Capital’s investments not only in farms, people and community but also better, healthier foods
3D Printing: World’s Largest 3D Printed Reef Installed in Maldives
The Guardian: Can the world’s most ambitious rewilding project restore Patagonia’s beauty?
BBC: The challenge of ‘farming the desert’ in Australia

Longer Reads:

Economics: How the Dominant Business Paradigm Turns Nice People into Psychopaths El salvador—supported by un—calls for global “decade of ecosystem restoration”
Nature: How to plant a trillion trees
Medium: Earthrise: The UN Decade for Ecosystems Restoration & the Century of Regeneration
Medium: Flipping Climate Finance on Its Head
Science Magazine: Where have all the insects gone?

Weekly Podcasting:

The Permaculture Podcast: On this episode, David Bilbrey explores the intersection between permaculture, regenerative business, and the paradigm of capitalism by speaking with Alex McIntosh and Mario Garcia of Thrive Natural Care.  Listen Here.

Nori Podcast: Ben Kessler, a rising star in the regenerative movement, talks about holistic grazing, and some of the scaling challenges and opportunities. Listen Here.

Regenerative Business Podcast: Carol Sanford discusses a revolutionary new way to do philanthropy that builds community and wisdom about organizations up close and personal. Listen Here.

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture: How do you turn a whole Indian region to zero budget natural farming using Climate Bonds? Interview with Satya Tripathi. Listen Here.

Monga Bay: The ‘Godfather of Biodiversity’ on why it’s time to manage Earth as a system Listen Here.