RegenBeat is our weekly wrap up of the most insightful and newsworthy content in the world of regenerative economies. Got something you think should be here? Send us a note!

Short Notes

CityLab: Britain’s Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest
Blockchain for Good: How This Entrepreneur is Using Blockchain to Solve an Economic Crisis
Fast Company: How IBM and the CDC are testing blockchain to track health issues like the opioid crisis
Forbes: Blockchain Could Help Achieve The UN’s Sustainable Development Plan
Forbes: A New Push for Employee Ownership in Chicago
Resource Recycling: Circular economy metrics that matter most
GreenBiz: Coming full circle? The state of circular economies around the globe
BioBased World News: Integrating circular economy and bioeconomy would improve European sustainability; report.

Longer Reads

Daniel Christian Wahl (Medium): Planetary Health and Regeneration
Bright the Mag
: Inside the Self Serving World of Wealthy Do-Gooders
Lattice 80: Breaking the Chains of Poverty, Inequality and Climate Change – How Blockchain Can Help Achieve UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals
Organic Consumers Association: Climate Change Can United the World
Packaging Europe: Top 4 Innovations Driving the Circular Economy

Weekly Podcasting

The Ezra Klein Show: Anand Giridharadas on the elite charade of changing the world “How can there be anything wrong with trying to do good? The answer may be: when the good is an accomplice to even greater, if more invisible, harm.”  Listen Here.

What Comes Now: Us vs Them: Rosie von Lila and Raman Frey take a deep dive into the science of why we categorize ourselves into in-crowds and out-crowds. Explore David Berreby’s excellent 2004 book: Us and Them: Understanding Your Tribal Mind. Listen Here