By Magenta Ceiba of Bloom Network

I’m looking forward to the ReGen18 conference, to learn and connect with people! This post is to share some perspective from Bloom Network with the discussions our crew has been having about what being regenerative means, as well as let you know about a similar conference and incubator we are hosting this Fall.

Nancy Zamerowski, founder and director of Yellow Seed, gives an easy to grasp overview of what regenerative means, describing it on a spectrum from extractive to sustainable to regenerative.

Regenerative communities create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience, more antifragility. Being regenerative will involve dismantling settler colonialism, for many regenerative cultures already exist all over the world and are under continued attack.

One of the opportunities I see narratively and with the way we collaborate and organize through the word regenerative, is to embrace the bigger picture of holistic social change. I see finance innovators coming together with communities practicing regenerative agriculture to have food sovereignty and better political stability. Restorative justice, reparations, and support of front-line resistance movements include taking regenerative action that supports life and dismantles oppression. I see engineers collaborating with the community resilience movement to support community-owned power and better disaster preparedness. This kind of systems thinking and multi-movement collaboration seems called for to demonstrate regenerativity on this planet today.

I see the capacity of collective regenerative efforts to transfer power and resources to an increasingly decentralized, diverse and humane civilization that honors life and supports the capacity to further collective liberation.

Bloom Network is producing a sister conference to ReGen, called HiveMind, this September 14-16 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Similar to ReGen, HiveMind will bring regenerative culture leaders together to collaborate on solutions to common problems, share ideas and resources, and inspire each other.

To give some context, Bloom Network is a global social network on the ground and online, that connects and supports regenerative culture makers. Local Bloom chapters produce events and media in their regions, acting like a decentralized Impact Hub network. We connect online to share best practices. One of our main goals is to increase the visibility of what’s happening in the regenerative culture sphere so that the broader public can link into it and participate.

Prior to the HiveMind conference, we will be convening online sessions along each of our seven conference tracks, to connect people and organizations currently working within each topic area, as well as experts from other areas who would like to contribute. Together we’ll work on identifying the gaps and highest leverage opportunities in each area, so that at the Summit we can decide together which collaborative actions to take to further the whole ecosystem.

Following the Summit, our Action Incubator will support these initiatives in development and gaining traction or appropriately scaling, through the assistance of a professional mentorship team. In April 2019 on Earth Day, we’ll broadcast these empowering success stories and tools widely across all available media outlets to encourage people everywhere to take action toward regenerating society.

ReGen18 will surely instigate self-organizing collaborations and partnerships, so please feel welcome to bring these to Bloom’s HiveMind event or otherwise connect if we can be of support or if you have offerings you’d like to share with the wider Bloom community. We’ll be keeping in touch with the ReGen organizers to best connect our efforts as similar conferences.

I look forward to meeting many great people and to the connections and collaborations that emerge! Please feel welcome to get in touch, via

With love,
Magenta Ceiba