On May Day 2018, world-changers in philanthropy, business, government and citizen activism convened in San Francisco to foster the emergence of a new regenerative society. They helped to bring about a rapid shift from a degenerative economy to one that supports the mutual thriving of people and planet.

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Action Over Discussion

ReGen18 will not be another talk-fest, but a task-force and learning ground with growing real-world impact year-on-year. It will launch a purpose-driven community to share practical tools, powerful ideas, new business models and innovative finance mechanisms to accelerate the change we need at the speed of the problems we now face. A roster of well-known experts will guide actionable conversations about regenerative finance, food and agriculture, urban design and policy, health and culture. Regenerative companies and projects will gain validation and support. We will build practical partnerships and functional alliances.


Dynamic event design will maximize productive interaction. Working groups will converge for “deep dives,” then share their discoveries and activities with the wider gathering. We’ll hear from pioneers who are devising financial products that can combat onrushing climate change while generating prosperity in indigenous communities. We’ll explore how to produce nutritious food and increase biodiversity while “drawing down” CO2 into the living soil. We will meet leaders of regenerative natural products companies and family farms. We will explore how cities can enhance the environment rather than depleting it; how buildings can produce clean energy, air, and water while storing excess carbon; and how urban transformation connects with local wealth creation through entrepreneurship in marginalized neighborhoods.

We Invite You

A multi-venue event in the heart of the fabled Mission District, ReGen18 will include a gala opening featuring the celebrated Kronos Quartet.

The event is produced by Kevin Jones, Rosa Lee Harden and Tim Freundlich, founders of SOCAP (“the market at the intersection of money and meaning”); Marc Ian Barasch, thought-leader, author (The Compassionate Life), and founder of the Green World Campaign; and Holly Dublin, who has long championed the integration of conservation, community, culture and commerce through her work with WWF, IUCN, the B Team, the C&A Foundation and the Natural Capital Coalition.

ReGen18 will highlight the knowledge and tools you need to transform your organization, your community, and your world. You are invited to “bring your whole self” to this landmark celebration of the work of many hands to establish a network—and a global civilization—that serves all of Life.